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Working Safely Is No Accident

In 2012, the Department of Labor challenged the public to create an engaging tool to educate youth (and the young at heart) on the hazards they may face in the workplace and what they can do to protect themselves. CIRPC accepted this challenge by inviting UT's Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering to bring our interactive website to life. The effort resulted in a Grand Prize award of $15,000! Learn how to reduce your chances of being injured on the job. Begin by playing our probability game at Working Safely Is No Accident:

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Working Safely Is No Accident... on Facebook

As a companion to the CIRPC-ISE website of the same name (described above), we also created a Facebook page as an additional resource. This tool contains valuable content toward the goal of educating workers of all ages about workplace hazards and rights. We would like it if you Like us on Facebook!

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