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Construction Safety and Health

The Construction Industry Research & Policy Center (CIRPC) at the University of Tennessee has provided 27 years of service to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requiring CIRPC to perform two major activities:

  1. Operate OSHA's Construction Targeting System - CIRPC maintained a file of active construction projects using McGraw-Hill Construction's monthly census of recent projects (Dodge Data & Analytics) processed through CIRPC's econometric model estimating each project duration. Every month CIRPC randomly selected about 1500 projects for safety inspections by OSHA personnel in 120 area offices nationwide.
  2. Review Case Files From All OSHA-Inspected Fatal Construction Events - Case files were sent from OSHA area offices to CIRPC with no redactions. CIRPC analyzed each fatal incident as to proximal cause; violations cited; construction operation and task performed by victim(s); the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code of the employer; etc. A comprehensive narrative statement describing each event was prepared and specific intervention strategies were produced at OSHA's request. Using this information, CIRPC staff and faculty associates have completed in-depth analyses of a number of projects, including fatal events related to cranes and steel erection, as well as electrocutions and residential falls from roofs and ladders. In addition, CIRPC has annually reviewed OSHA construction fatality records and provided OSHA with annual reports categorizing each fatality by proximal cause.

As an outgrowth of this historical relationship with OSHA, CIRPC continues its interest in construction safety and health matters. In cooperation with OSHA, CIRPC continues to produce and distribute the quarterly Construction Fatality Digest and its Annual Report on Construction Fatalities. The safety and health research staff is continually engaged in studying, for example, such diverse topics as the impact of OSHA 10 training, trends in construction electrocutions, and the nature and prevention of residential roof falls. In doing so it seeks partners who can provide support for Research To Practice activities.

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